NCM Retirement Plan Services

What if…

  • Your employees could choose from up to 30 fund options in their 401(k) and have access to excellent educational seminars conducted by hands-on investment managers covering risk tolerance and investment strategy which would enable them to make good long-term decisions?
  • Your employees could choose to have their investment accounts managed regardless of size by a professional money manager just by checking a box on their fund option list?
  • Your employees had a realistic goal for their retirement based on their age and risk tolerance that they could believe in?
  • You, as Plan Sponsor, could have expert advice on better methods to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities with less time commitment?
  • You, as Plan Sponsor, could be assured of complete transparency of all fees in your Plan and could see better levels of participation by employees?

Take a Detour and Journey Down an Innovative Path to Retirement Success for your Plan

Nicholson Capital Management works with plan sponsors to enable all retirement plan participants to have access to the same professional advice and strategies we use to manage our wealth management clients.

Plan sponsors, as never before, are looking for innovative ways to enhance the retirement options of their employees in a manner that is low maintenance and cost effective for recordkeeping and administration. They are also concerned that their employees receive the education that they need to make good investment decisions. They are finding that their employees want a comprehensive, creative solution in managing their 401(k) participant accounts.

NCM has the answer!

With our Retirement Services, your employees can choose from fund options chosen by us from a universe of thousands of funds. In addition, they can now select a managed solution from four asset allocation managed options where they can check a box on their fund option list and elect to have their account managed for them based on their risk parameter.

Our concept offers:

  • Complimentary plan consultation
  • Access to over 26,000 mutual funds
  • Portfolios managed by NCM
  • Informative investment newsletters for management and participants
  • Educational seminars for all participants