Legacy and Financial Consulting Services

Trusted Advisor and Friend During Times of Crisis

Our clients know that we are aware of their financial situation at all times, and are ready to step in for advice and counsel should a death in the family occur. In many cases, we are one of the first phone calls made.

Our Legacy Services provide:

  • Immediate help with final arrangements and resolution of final bills and financial issues.
  • Coordination of accounting and legal advisors following death to facilitate resolving final affairs while preventing undue expense.
  • Consulting services to private family Trustees regarding their duties and fiduciary responsibilities, making a Corporate Trustee unnecessary.
  • Valuation of assets and help in distributions to Trusts or beneficiaries.
  • Planning for income needs and budgeting for survivors
  • Help with determining the management or disposition of privately held companies

Review and Analysis of Investment Portfolios – Consulting Services

Because our professional staff has over 60 years of collective experience in the investment management field, a large portion of our time is spent diagnosing portfolios and recommending changes in client portfolios based on those reviews.

Those services include:

  • Reviews and Recommendations on current Investment Guidelines and Policies
  • Review of performance of current investment managers for large pension and corporate funds with resulting recommendations for changes of managers and strategies

Other Financial Consulting Services

Our financial consulting and planning services provide our clients with advice and planning on issues such as:

  • Retirement planning
  • Educational planning
  • Estate planning
  • Small business planning

Financial Consulting services are billed at an hourly fee, although we may be compensated by retainers or asset based fees.

NCM acts as financial advisor to families, helping them interact with accountants, insurance professionals, attorneys, bankers and other financial services providers. This service covers a wide scope and can provide continuity from generation to generation, often offering assistance to the children and grandchildren of the client in facilitating the transfer of wealth over the years.