Wealth Management Services

NCM strives to help you respond to the uncertainty of the financial markets by continually monitoring economic and political dynamics that affect the performance of your investment portfolios.

We believe that asset allocation is the prime determinant of investment performance and that strategic navigational shifts among asset classes in response to various market dynamics can enhance returns.

We sit side-by-side with you in working toward your financial goals, making our relationship transformational, not transactional.

Each client account is managed as an individually tailored balanced account.

  • Portfolios are invested in an allocation to various asset classes including bonds, stocks and money reserves.
  • We invest in exchange traded funds and no-load mutual funds as well as individual securities, diversified by manager, style, and capitalization.
  • Each client portfolio is individually tailored to reflect the client’s risk tolerance. We realize all investors are different and your ongoing thoughts on risk are important to us.
  • We do not sell products. We provide our investment expertise through an annual fee arrangement in the day-to-day management of your portfolio.
  • We meet with each client regularly, consulting with you about any changes in your life and financial goals.
  • We provide comprehensive reports and market analysis to clients including strategy notes, “Know What You Own” education pieces and newsletters.
  • All clients receive monthly statements and internet access to their accounts through their independent custodian.

We manage portfolios for individuals, trusts, retirement accounts, and institutional accounts that hold at least $400,000 in assets. We charge a percentage management fee based on the market value of account assets. If the market declines, our fee will be less, and as your portfolio rises, our fee will rise.

Responsiveness to your needs is all important to us and we are just a phone call or email away.